Christopher de Groot

Christopher de Groot is a composer based in Melbourne. His current project is an opera based on the 20-hour video diary of Björk stalker Ricardo Lopez. 

Press Quotes

Adding to the arcane aesthetic is a fantastic score courtesy of Christopher de Groot that perfectly matches the surreal action slashin’ and flashin’ across the screen!
Christopher de Groot’s composition adds tension, alternating between sparkling, Satie-like piano and tuneless atmospherics... playing onstage allows de Groot to weave sound seamlessly in response to the actors.
Christopher de Groot ‘s live music ranges from minimalist score to bassy, mood driven soundscapes. Hidden behind the perspex set, his omnipotent presence is felt in the entire production.
Aaron Sterns, screenwriter of Wolf Creek 2, is among the fans of the soundtrack and labels it “haunting, eerie, and yet discordantly beautiful.”
Christopher de Groot’s music is some of the most refreshing and eclectic horror music to be heard in a contemporary film – while it’s paying tribute to the genre masters (Goblin, Morricone et al) it is also totally unique, challenging and highly original. A nasty score filled with surprises!
Christopher de Groot is incredible and has created something that falls somewhere between Les Baxter, Delia Derbyshire, John Zorn and Bernard Herrmann. It’s a sci/fi, exotica, noir nightmare and I think people are going to love it.
It’s the most amazing soundtrack to an Australian genre film ever.
Christopher is one of the most exciting and fearless composers on the indie scene
Christopher de Groot went buck nekkid wild with the score, ranging from retro work to clear horror influences to some almost beatnik jazz daddy-o. The score is simply amazing, well worth hunting out, and added to the eclectic nature of the movie. de Groot knew exactly what the requirement was here and showed an ability to boldly go where very few composers would be happy to step.
Unlike much experimental sound-art, de Groot’s piece does not eschew or deny such things as regular rhythm, melody, the pop song – instead, it recontextualizes and subverts them, to sometimes haunting, sometimes humorous effect.
Bringing a contemporary musical twist to an old film that kicks off with a grisly axe murder was the murky mission composer Chris de Groot accepted.
The event itself was spectacular: the black and white film was mesmerising on the big screen, the amplified ensemble with electronics created a huge sound
An intriguing fusion of musical styles and traditions, and uncommon instrumentation characterised this programme of exciting, new and recent works by emerging Perth composer.