Christopher de Groot

Christopher de Groot is a composer based in Melbourne. His current project is an opera based on the 20-hour video diary of Björk stalker Ricardo Lopez. 


The Burning Kiss [2014/16] excerpts - Feature film directed by Robbie Studsor. Released as a stand alone concept album Sailing Ships & Tarot Cards through Rattle Records [NZ]

Dream Home [2015] excerpts - Theatre show directed by Luke Kerridge, written by Emilie Collyer. Soundtrack released by The Mind Is Listening.

Sororal [2014] excerpts - feature film directed by Sam Barrett

Soundtrack album released by Screamworks Records [Sweden]

Persona [2014] excerpts - theatre adaptation by Sam Barrett. Soundtrack album released by The Mind Is Listening.

Plastic Fishes [2013/14] excerpts

De Stroyed [2013] excerpts - theatre work by Suzanne Chaundy and Jillian Murray

Mutant Telescope for solo cimbalom [2012] - commissioned by Joshua Webster

Sheet music published by the Australian Music Centre

Esoterica [2010] excerpts - feature film by Sam Barrett

Early Checkout [2009] excerpts - short film directed by Jim Lounsbury

Ménilmontant [2009] excerpts - silent film score. Film directed by Dimitri Kirsanoff [1927]